The 'Dark Skies' series is one of Jessamy's first series and most popular works, encapsulating the beauty of Exmoor. 


Living on Exmoor, it was impossible not to be  inspired, and when an experiment using ink and water led to a beautiful deep swirling effect, Jessamy was reminded of the incredible night skies we get in the National Park, and the ‘Dark Skies’ series was created.

Painting the silhouette of one of Exmoor’s native creatures  using only water, ink is then pipetted onto the page where it spreads and swirls, revealing the shape of the animal. When dry, thousands of watercolour stars are then carefully painted on, creating the effect that epitomises Exmoor for Jessamy– the wildlife and the incredible starry skies, together. To find out more about Exmoor's Dark Sky Reserve, click Here: Stargazing