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What is JinKs!?

I've finally updated my site and am hoping to get the 'shop' live in the next month or so. But I thought for now, I'd say a little bit about who I am and what is JinKs.. so here you go! 'About me'...

I live in Bristol and nothing makes me happier than when someone comes to me with a crazy idea for a commission... I've done fairytales, invented family crests, building portraits and created a 'light-bursting egg' logo for a theatre company! When I'm working I usually have a terrible television show, a good audiobook or a great record playing, and five hours can fly past!

Inklings by JK was the name I came up with when I gained the confidence to begin sharing my art with the world (the internet)...When I was given a pot of beautiful jet black ink and a traditional dip pen, I knew I had found my signature style and the ideal medium with which to make the my Inklings by JK: which was later shortened and squished down to create.. JinKs!

Ten facts about me: I grew up on a blueberry farm- My day job is as a support worker for people with disabilities - I really like old hip hop -At University I studied Theatre - I used to live in Sydney- I love charity shops (especially the old books!) - I've worked as a watersports photographer in Greece - I really, really like cottage cheese (well, any cheese actually) -My 'porn star' name is Dusty Upton - I cannot bake.

I also taking photographs... For examples of my photography work please click here.

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