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Art thief!

I've decided! Well.. I decided in January.. that I am going to start writing on the blog more regularly! Obviously that hasn't happened but hopefully now I will be able to update more often at least.

Something interesting has happened this week- looking at the art page of a fellow artist/ illustrator who I vaguely know through a friend, I saw a painting that they had commissioned my boyfriend to do. (He is also arty, and although he doesn't make a living from it, his favourite is oil paintings, something I have never done so handed this challenge over to him- and he did a great job). I thought 'ohh, that's lovely, she posted a photo of his painting, she must have been really happy with it- maybe he got a shoutout.


No, no shoutout.. in fact no mention that somebody else had done the artwork for her- just an ambiguous caption saying the paintings title 'in oils'. As though she had done it. Bit cheeky I thought, but she isn't explicitly saying it's her work, BUT THEN...! (dramatic music).. I noticed something really odd... on close inspection, boyfriend's initials (as in his signature on HIS artwork) had been altered! On the actual painting, with actual paint, she had changed the letters and added an extra letter to change his initials to hers!


Now, as an artist, I've been lucky enough (so far) not to have had any issues that I know of around my art being stolen/ used without permission.. other than the odd uncredited instagram re-post, but a social media photo is a bit different to actually altering the signature on a real artwork!

We were a bit flabbergasted- mixed feelings from boyfriend who was 'secretly quite flattered' that someone who makes their living from art would put their name to his work- but I am really angry! No idea what to do in this situation, so I held back my urges to comment/ publicly call them out/ name and shame and I have messaged them privately asking.. WTF..!?

So. I will have to let you know what happens!

There you go, a cliffhanger. I'm getting the hang of this blog thing already.

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