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New beginnings!

It's 2018! I wonder how many times I am going to have to cross out 2017 this week when I get the date wrong...

'New year, new me'- one of the most over used, under achieved phrases ever! Here at JinKs it's 'New year, new house!' We have moved to Dorset, one whole county away from our Exmoor idyll. We are in the Purbeck area which is another area of outstanding natural beauty, so I'm not too worried about missing mother nature- plus we can walk to the pub from our new house so it's luxury!

I'll be spending this month (incidentally, the last month of my twenties) walking the dog and exploring new and beautiful areas of coast and marshland, getting inspiration for new artworks, and getting in touch with local artists, makers and exhibition spaces so I can hopefully begin selling locally here and become part of the community. It's scary, exciting and everything in between- a blank slate, or rather a clean fresh piece of paper, ready to be filled with beautiful inky adventures.

Keep an eye on my 'events' page to see where I end up exhibiting and selling... Any suggestions welcome!

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