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The Purbeck Artisan Yard!

Well, my first big new adventure in Dorset has started! I am now part of the Purbeck Artisan Yard, which is handily situated just down the road from my new home in Wareham. It is a big, rustic converted barn space which is brimming with beautiful locally made art, crafts, furniture and gifts.. there are cushions and candles, prints and paintings... glass, pottery, sculpture, vintage furniture and clothes... I have seen something I'd like to take home every time I've come in here! It might be tricky to turn a profit when I keep buying things rather than selling..!

Having said that, despite most of my first week as an 'Artisan' being snowed off, I have sold a couple of bits and bobs, and I'm sure as the year progresses and I carry on working on my display, things will just keep getting better.

As there are so many artists selling at the yard, the shop is divided into individual 'bays' which are like mini shops to be filled and decorated however the individual sellers wish. Jinks is in Bay L which is upstairs, (sadly not yet wheelchair accessible) and I have my trusty antique ironing board and easels with plenty of ink originals and prints filling up the little space. It will be a work in progress for a while but the old floorboards and whitewashed palette walls go very nicely with my aesthetic so far!

The yard is a co-operative, so on any day of the week, a different maker will be welcoming customers and often working on their current project on the lovely big workshop table, ready to explain all about their craft.

As the season progresses, there will be beautiful plants and garden items for sale outside in the (actual) yard, and there are new guest artists featured downstairs every month or so. The space is also used for workshops, get togethers and classes- on the 31st March there is a 'Meet the Artists' day which will be full of tea, cake, demonstrations, taster sessions and the joys of Spring!

I am really excited to be joining this group of creative individuals, and I'm sure it will open more Dorset doors for me.

Make sure to visit if you're ever in Dorset, the Purbeck Artisan Yard is on Church Street just round the corner from Sainsbury's carpark and is open every day of the week (plus you might get to see me and Squid)!

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