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Goodbye Jinks Art!

Time to say goodbye...!

It is time for my big re-launch, re-brand and big reveal of my new business name.... Jessamy Keily Art!

Thrilling stuff eh. I've decided to give up Jinks Art as my business name and switch to just using my name (risky considering the usual spelling nightmares people have with it) as of July 2019. It's been a bit of a torturous decision, mostly for my friends and family who have had to listen to me umming and ahhing and changing my mind multiple times but I think it is time to take the plunge.

When I first started putting my artwork 'out there', I was a bit shy (YES... me... shy) to use my actual name so I decided to call my little drawings 'Inklings by JK' so those who were interested could have a look and see what I was up to. As things gathered momentum and I realised it was possible to make some sort of living out of this, I condensed my initials and the ink part and became 'Jinks'.

However, it has been confusing from time to time when people think my name is Jinks, or that I work for a company called Jinks Art or that the art I sell is all done by different people- also when approaching galleries for exhibitions it's far easier to sell yourself as an artist just using your name rather than a 'brand'.

My boyfriend has been working hard to make me a beautiful studio in a building in the garden, so I finally have a proper work space, which means I can leave the house 'go to work' in the morning, and also leave it behind at night- not that I will want to, and I thought moving into it would coincide nicely with my new grown up business. We 'officially' opened the studio last night (more about that another day!), so today it's time to update all the logos, website and socials to match!

To celebrate I am releasing my new series 'the Surf Silhouettes', a whimsical and sweet series of beach portraits reminiscent of bright sunny days and old over exposed photographs.

I'm also working on another new series and have masses of ideas for more artwork so watch this space!

I've loved being Jinks, and it's even been added to my long list of nicknames but as of today, it's time to just be me!

PS. For those of you wondering about pronunciation- just think Sesame Smiley...

(another two of my nicknames!)

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