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Birds of a feather

My largest commission to date was also a very special one. I had started sketching out an idea of a 'bird circle' similar to the fish I do, but hadn't got very far, and had abandoned the idea when I met someone who had a specific vision. Four birds, wings touching in the centre, to represent their family unit, one of whom has been fighting cancer for some time. Then- concentric circles of more birds, each representing a group of people who have supported them- further family, friends, nurses and doctors, anyone with a story or a smile- and all the circles connected in a small way. Everyone flocking togther like birds of a feather!

The idea was so perfect and linked with what I had been trying to do just a few days before- everything aligned and it seemed we met just at the right time for me to be able to realise this idea just in time for a special birthday!

I hope you like this cobbled-together video (which uploading has made very low res for some reason- sorry!) showing some of the process. To give you an idea, the time it will take you to watch this video is the time it took me to paint a single bird on this picture! Music (badly edited and used with out permission!) by the wonderful Mongoose- check them out for your ears' sake-

If you have an idea for a special commission, please email me and we can make something magic.

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