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Shop Update!

So it's nearly here! The first 'shop update' where I release the work that I've been creating for the past two months- the originals, a few prints, and you can also pre-order greeting cards and other sized prints to come to you in a couple of weeks. On Sunday at 5pm I will publish the new works that I have finished whilst exploring the theme of 'CIRCLE'! Not all of them are circular, but they've all come about whilst I've been looking at this theme, and they're all brand new!

Just go to 'Shop' on my website, and make sure you check the descriptions of each item before purchasing, as the same image will be for sale as an original, a ready-to-go print, or as a made-to-order print (which will take a little longer to get to you). All of the prints are limited edition to 120 copies.

There will also be commission slots available for the next two months, so if you've been thinking you might like me to create something just for you, this is the time to grab a slice of my time.

I'm hoping that this format for selling will work, it's a different way of doing things so fingers crossed!!

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