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Hello, I'm Jessamy!

Having grown up on Exmoor, where I first started creating art, and lived all over the world, I now live in the beautiful county of Dorset UK, and work in my little garden studio. I love to spend time in salty sea air on the coast, or in lush green woodland, walking my dog, Squid.

While I love to experiment, the constant thread is that all my work is inspired by nature and the oceans, and done in some way using ink. Since being given a dip pen and a pot of India ink  I fell in love with the medium and have since explored intricate line illustrations, wild ink and water galaxies and ethereal monochrome sea creatures.

In recent years more colour has begun to make an appearance in my original works with underwater worlds of water and light and jewel like abstracts done using alcohol inks. I find most of my best work comes from experimenting and play- my main objective is to make art that makes people smile or feel a connection to a special moment in time or with nature.

Find out about upcoming events or exhibitions.

P.S I also love taking photographs... For examples of my photography work please click here.

Laos butterfly
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